Weeks 23

Dewi Sartika, 21 February 2013


Now my baby to be is about 23 weeks old! But the USG said it’s 24 weeks already, because it gained weight that much hihi..

No problem lil’ kid, as long as we’re in good condition..  And the doctor said that it will be A BABY BOY! (Insya Allah kalau dokternya gak salah liat). This has been told since the 15th weeks, that it will be a baby boy.

 weeks : 23 (the USG said 24)

BPD : 59.2 mm

AC : 187 mm

FL : 43.0 mm

EFW : 673 grams

(agak overweight ya kamu, Nak)

Placenta : tidak menutupi jalan lahir

*me and the bump!

*tabel berat ideal janin taken from Mbak Evariny ( @evariny )

And yes, we’ve already pass a half way 🙂 It’s only 17 weeks more, til we meet .. Can not wait.

Sehat selalu yaah lil kiddo :*


The Dyta Putri


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